Do you know what  GTA 5 is ? Surely this will be a difficult question for many people. Because this is a game usually for young people, it has only been developed recently. So, to be able to learn more about what GTA 5 is, please take the time to follow the article!

1. What is GTA 5?

GTA 5 is the acronym for Grand Theft Auto V – is a video game developed by Rokatar North under the company Rokatar Game. GTA 5 is also the 5th version in the Grand Theft Auto game series and is also the sequel to GTA 4.

The original version of this game was officially released on September 17, 2013 for two versions that are Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

This game was also released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions on November 18, 2014. Not long after that, on April 14, 2015 the game was released for PC. Therefore, what GTA 5 is at that time is no longer a strange thing for many people.

2. The success of GTA 5 game

GTA 5 is the most anticipated game at the time of its release in 2013. Therefore, Grand Theft Auto 5 has officially broken the sales record of the game industry. Thanks to this, GTA 5 also became an entertainment product with the highest revenue increase of all time and the number that it brought was $ 800 million in the first day. After 3 days, this number quickly increased and reached the level of 1 billion USD.

After its launch, GTA 5 has received a lot of support as well as positive compliments for its character design as well as the open world, great graphics, and especially the gameplay. However, similar to the previous three parts of the game, GTA 5 is considered one of the famous games of the 7th generation (starting from the end of 2005 onwards).

Up to now, GTA 5 has sold a total of 90 million copies of the game around the world and is also one of the best-selling video games by a huge amount of all time. Therefore, finding out what GTA 5 is will help you better understand the internal problems of this game.

3. Why the game is of interest now

a. Gamepla has many novelties

Want to play GTA 5, first of all you need to understand what GTA 5 is? For gamers who are familiar with GTA 5, they will understand its content is the thieves in GTA 5. Compared to previous versions, all you need to do is go to the location and perform the next task. It follows everything that the game claims to do. The thieves in GTA 5 are completely different.

The first step to playing GTA 5 is to scout the target with the aim of finding a suitable attack method. After that, the player will continue to collect information so that the two players have the opportunity to carry out the mummification. Although more difficult, but in return GTA 5 will bring more money for players. Therefore, this is also the reason why this game attracts many people to participate.

b. Graphics keep the style

When you learn what GTA 5 is, you will find that the graphics in the GTA 5 game always keep the same style even after many years have passed. In particular, after 5 years, the graphics of GTA 5 have made unexpected breakthroughs. Although the hardware of Xbox 360 and Platation 3 both support hardware like the shiny and attractive world of Santa Claus. But of course, with a city with such a large area as GTA 5, the stuttering is something that can be completely ignored.

Not stopping there, GTA 5 with Xbox 360 must first insert the disc to the hard drive and then use the second disc. This work is quite annoying for players, but it will ensure a few factors. quite in the process of steaming.

Like so, by learning what GTA 5 is, you’ll understand more about this type of game. Although it was born a long time ago, GTA 5 still has a lifelong attraction for players. Therefore, to play GTA 5, you can visit this link “gta 5 mobile download” to experience this outstanding game series!